Our People

Our staff enjoy and celebrate our students. They are knowledgeable in their field and are committed to searching out the latest teaching techniques, strategies and resources to provide our students with the best possible opportunity to succeed.

The staff are fun to be with and creative. They are committed to meeting the individual needs of students and their families. Staff are empathetic and energetic, kind and supportive. Tauranga Special School has a team of therapists who travel to all locations to provide both advisory and hands on service. Together they form our Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT).



Speech Language Therapists

Billie Hampton Edwards (Mon to Fri) billiehe@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Edwina Burke (Tue, Wed, Thu) edwinab@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Kit Hardy (Wed, Thu, Fri) kith@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Kathleen Faulls (Mon, Tue, Wed) kathleenf@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Occupational Therapists

Brigid Hitchcock (Mon to Thu) brigidh@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Kate MacLean (Wed, Thu, Fri) katem@taurangaspecialschool.nz 


Karen Porter (Tue,Wed,Thu) karenp@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Teacher - ASD/Behaviour

Penny Gee (Mon to Thu) pennyg@taurangaspecialschool.nz


Wider Leadership Group

Jo Crean (Curriculum Leader/Professional Support) joc@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Alice Webb (STOS/ Professional Learning Leader) alicew@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Nicky Henderson (Professional Learning Leader) nickyh@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Helen Murdoch (WST) helenm@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Donna Taylor-Erutoe (WST) donnae@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Our Board:

Board Chairperson: Kay Matthews

Parent Representatives:  Shane Oxenham, Malcolm Poppe, Tahlia Rikihana and Daisy Togo, Sandra Peter

Staff Representative: Dale Megson

Our Leadership Team

Barrie Wickens



Andrea Andresen

Acting Deputy Principal


Billie Hampton Edwards

Therapy Manager


Dale Megson

Acting Assistant Principal


Classroom Teachers

Base School


Room 1: Michael Woodnut michaelw@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Room 2: Cat Banks catb@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Room 3: Pip Jonathan pipj@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Room 4: Kelly Shallow kellys@taurangaspecialschool.nz


Satellite Classes


Brookfield: Cathryn Fox cathrynf@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Merivale: Donna Taylor-Erutoe donnae@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Welcome Bay: Nicky Henderson nickyh@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Yasumi Kobayashi yasumik@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Tauranga Intermediate: Gayna Paris gaynap@taurangaspecialschool.nz

David Norman davidn@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Papamoa College: Monique Eades moniqued@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Jennifer Banks jenniferb@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Brendon Oates brendono@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Devonport Road Campus: Nadia Rolleston nadiar@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Helen Murdoch helenm@taurangaspecialschool.nz

Community College Class: Sue Padgett suep@taurangaspecialschool.nz

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